90 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

90 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 As we get older we revise our clothing and hair style which is quite normal as looking the same for decades is quite boring, outdated and inelegant. A woman does not stop being a woman with age.

Changing looks and experimenting with styles is in her nature. However, over the years we strive for more comfort, and short hair is a good base for low-maintenance hairstyles that look stylish and don’t feel like “the old woman’s helmet.” Here are 90 great images with short hair.

Recommendations on short hairstyles for women over 50

Do you need to stick to any specific rules when choosing hairstyles if you are over 50? Only partially. Generally, to look majestic and elegant, it is recommended to comb the locks back, opening the face. Excessively shaggy hairstyles can look sloppy and awkward.

Bangs are fine, they make you look younger, but try to keep them neat and thin or combed to the side so your forehead isn’t completely covered. Consider lighter shades of hair, and you’ll easily take years off your face. Some older women look extremely flattering with silver hair. If you’re not the lucky one, consider brown to blonde solutions or highlights.

Other than that, you can stick to the general recommendations on choosing hairstyles, i.e. take into account your face shape and hair texture. Fine hair looks the cutest when cut short and layered, while thick strands feel better in longer cuts. They don’t have to be long. Lisa Rinna’s short to medium hairstyle is a very good option for thick hair.

Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Below are the brightest examples of short hairstyles for older ladies that you can find on the internet.

#1: Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a popular variation for older women, thanks to their mix of ease and playful flair. Choppy layers are a perfect way to add texture and dimension to the classic cut. Texture is the key to maintaining a youthful appearance and not being stiff.

#2: Bouncy Bob for Women 50+

The only way to create shape in short haircuts for women is with an expert layered cut. If you have straight hair, you can give it more body by teasing out the ends with a large barrel curling iron.

#3: Mature Short Layered Cut

Short haircuts for women are a good option when looking for something low maintenance. You no longer have to worry about searching for lost hair ties. What’s more, the short cut is daring and shows that style always comes first, despite your age.

#4: Boyish Pixie Haircut

Too often, women keep their hair long even if the length isn’t flattering. If your stylist recommends you go for a chop, don’t panic. A correct pixie cut can not only give a more youthful appearance, but will save hours of styling time in some cases.

#5: Voluminous Gray Pixie Cut

In your later years, embrace the beauty of silver strands. It’s a beautiful nuance that millennials often turn to themselves. To add even more drama, be sure to tease those cute feather capes.

#6: Ash Blonde Angled Cut

Older women sometimes experience softness in the face as they age. An angular cut adds sharpness to curved edges and draws attention to the narrowness of a pointed chin.

#7: Layered Platinum Bob

Hairstyles for older women can use gray hair to their advantage. If you go for a platinum hairstyle, the color perfectly masks annoying gray hair, so you don’t have to worry about constant touch-ups. Add volume with a few layers of hair. Create movement, and you can fully enjoy the swing of your beautiful feathered hair.

#8: Stacked Nape Round Bob

Rounded bobs are a classic choice for mature women’s haircuts as they are full of elegance and sophistication. Build enviable height around the crown of your head when blow drying with a round brush.

#9: Pixie Undercut for Women Over 50

Sluts with a haircut show us how short hairstyles for women over 50 can come packed with punch! Luscious waves soften the cut, giving the hairstyle an edgy aesthetic.

#10: Choppy Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

The pixie is one of the most popular short haircuts among older women. This is because it adds texture and a tousled finish to fine hair. By pairing the pixie with long bangs and choppy layers, you can easily create a look that’s fun, youthful, and easy to manage. Result!

#11: Angled Low Cut Hairstyle

Women can rock the traditional masculine cut just as well as any man would. Make it girly with a long, straight top, and a blonde shade with wide highlights. To pump up the volume (and avoid the pageboy look), have your stylist add subtle layers.

#12: Long Curly Salty Pepper Pixie

Fine textured hair can benefit from a pixie cut. Worn in a natural salt and pepper color, curls appear bouncy and fluffy. Enhance this youthful essence by leaving a longer strand on the forehead and styling with mousse or water-based wax products.

#13: Short Voluminous Feathered Hairstyle

Feathered hairstyles create a soft, flowing look for short, tousled locks. They also add dimension to your hair, while allowing for easy maintenance. Simply apply a smoothing cream to the head of your bed and you’re ready for the rest of the day.

#14: Layered Pixie with Textured Bangs

Who said older ladies can’t be inspired by punk rock? Simple, but with a statement, the layered pixie with textured bangs suits straight hair perfectly. Complete with stripes in your favorite fun colors.

#15: Gray Pixie with Lots of Layers

For ladies who struggle to keep their hair alluring and rich in color as they gracefully age, the gray pixie may be the style for you. The pictures show that it requires a lot of layering to make your locks look modern and sleek. It also exposes your ears enough to make room for dazzling statement earrings for dressier occasions.

#16: Wispy Silver Bob

While the Bob is a staple haircut, there are countless ways to make it unique to express your personal style. Cut your hair at an angle for a bit of drama. Then go for loose, tousled curls to add volume. Accentuate your beautiful gray locks with a balance that gives the cut more depth.

#17: Pixie Bob with the Nape Cut

Of all the haircuts for older women, pixie bobs are possibly the most popular. Give your pixie cut a bit of an edge with a nape cutout that adds individuality and spice – formal in the front, modern party in the back!

#18: Gray Bob with Delicate Layers

The delicate layers soften any movement and look extra feminine when worn in a light, shimmering grey. If you have fine hair, consider this hairstyle as the white highlighted pieces give just enough dimension and a sophisticated appeal to your hair, making it fuller and more visually interesting.

#19: Shorter Girly Hairstyle for Curly Hair

One of the prettiest hairstyles for older women, this cut is perfect for those with truly curly or wavy weaves. Feminine and chic, it looks fabulous with any color, complements the natural grain of your hair, and allows for easy styling.

#20: Tapered Gray Pixie with Textured Crown

Short hair doesn’t limit your styling options much: adding a textured crown to your pixie is a simple yet effective way to upgrade your cut. Perfect for professional settings, tapered cuts look particularly lively in salt and pepper.

#21: Pure Blonde Ambition

From Audrey Hepburn’s to Anne Hathaway’s, the pixie cut has become synonymous with chic hair, endlessly elegant with just the right level of nonchalance. A slight update on the old style goes a long way. Experiment with texture to add a modern twist to this classic cut. With the trendy lights, shorter hairstyles for older women instantly become contemporary, without being trendy.

#22: Choppy Gray Pixie

Short haircuts for women over 50 should look contemporary to take years off your appearance. For example, this style has side-swept bangs, a slightly defined taper, and textured layers around the crown. Customizations can completely alter the look of your pixie!

#23: Short Messy Lilac Hairstyle

Don’t throw away the rule book, burn it. Fun and trendy hair is no longer just for the young. Whatever your age, it’s time to experiment and get as wild as you want with your short haircut. Leave your doubts at the door and take your style up a notch with pastel highlights.

#24: Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Very short hair does not flatter everyone. If you prefer longer hair in short styles, keep your cut on the longer side with a sleek pixie bob. A trendy light color like platinum, gray, or ash blonde will brighten your face and prove low-maintenance if you want to cover natural grays or make them look good.

#25: Edgy Pixie Bob

There is something timeless about a good Bob hairstyle. This shorter take combines the sleek look of a bob with a pixie cut. The end result is incredibly elegant. Invest in a good flat iron, as styling will take a bit of time. You want to get all those layers smooth.

#26: One-Length Balayage Bob with Bangs

One can never go wrong with a one length bob. Minimal layers create a nice shape for your cut. It is short hair that can still be styled in different ways: straight, curly or wavy. A trendy balayage color will make the look totally on-trend.

#27: Long V-Cut Layered Short Bob

To create an elegant and sophisticated look, you can go for a simple layered bob. If you ask your stylist to give you long V-cut layers, this adds texture and body while at the same time taking the weight out of thick hair.

#28: Salt and Pepper Tousled Layered Bob

When your hair color looks like a mix of your natural shade and gray, it’s known as “salt and pepper.” It’s undeniably eye-catching in the layers and tousled ends. Designed to look effortlessly messy, they suit almost all face shapes and skin tones.

#29: Textured Pixie with Highlights

A tailored pixie has been number one on the “list of short haircuts for older women” for a while now. What sets it apart is the detail. Check out the deep part on the side that leads into a playful bang and the two-tone coloring. The highlights are rich in the front so as not to draw too much attention to the face and then become sparser in the back to add some dimension.

#30: Neat Side Fringe

Short haircuts are usually completed with short, medium or long bangs. Next time you go to the salon, be sure to ask the barber for a side swept bang. With a short layered cut, this will instantly slim and flatten your face.

#31: Long Ash Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

Go to the darker blonde range for a subdued vibe that still packs as much punch as bolder images. Fine hair benefits from a longer cut pixie cut with short, structured layers in the back. Don’t be afraid of the grown roots look, it makes your hair look thicker and adds to the visual impact!

#32: Brown and Blonde Graduated Bob

Graduated haircuts are wonderful for mature ladies as they ooze elegance and class. With age our hair can get finer, so graduated strands give the desired look of fullness and volume.

#33: Feathered Back Crop

Luckily, gray hair is more popular than ever today, and that means you can embrace your true hair color and show it off with pride. If your hair is quite thick, go for a feathered cut and style it with a root lift to give it the desired volume and air. Short hairstyles for women over 50 have never been more stylish and trendy!

#34: Silver Pixie for Fine Hair

Silver has recently become a trendy color choice for women of all ages. We can definitely credit our lovely mature ladies as the founding mothers of this fashion. The cool hue accentuates her blue eyes and goes well with all short haircut styles.

#35: Blonde Balayage Bob with Angular Layers

Angled layers in short hairstyles for older women bring edge and definition, which in turn gives an overall youthful and fresh essence! It’s important to let a professional hairdresser guide you in how to style your cut, so you can show off your sleek balayage bob at its best.

#36: Short Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Coarse hair can be extremely difficult to manage and style on a day-to-day basis. The short haircuts for women over 50 that tend to work best when it comes to coarse, thick hair are those of the choppy nature. These cuts may be slightly less contemporary than others, but they are much easier to manage and care for.

#37: Layered Jaw-Length Bob for Fine Hair

More versatile than the average bob, a jaw-length cut allows for different styling options. This hairstyle produces the best visual results when left natural; however, it’s nice to have the option to curl the front pieces for fancier occasions. Pair it with glasses to create an elegant and classy everyday look.

#38: Asymmetrical Silver Pixie

How do you transform a simple pixie cut into a head-turning style? making it asymmetrical. This unexpected shape instantly adds drama and an elegant twist. It is a great option to show off your cheekbones. Pair it with a deep metallic color and embrace that sassy silver fox you see in the mirror.

#40: Short Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you are blessed with thick hair, textured layers will be your best friend. Not only do they make your life easier (in terms of regular washing/stretching time), but they provide a beautiful texture and fundamental structure to cuts.

#41: Lovely in Lavender

Use white hair to your advantage. It’s a great backdrop for softer pastel colors without the tedious effort of bleaching and toning. Create fullness with short feathered layers and wispy bangs for a fun, bouncy look.

#42: Choppy Pixie with a Sharp Nape

For a quirky yet trendy “do it for short hair,” ask your barber for a choppy pixie cut. The taper cut gradually shortens the length of the locks from the top of the head to the nape of the neck. It may be one of the shortest haircuts, but it sure is in style.

#43: Layered Chocolate Chic

Many believe that the babylights technique – where very fine and delicate highlights are woven – is only for blonde hair. But, it can actually work for any color, as long as you make your highlights a few shades lighter than your base. The result is a natural looking shine as in the photo.

#44: Classic Voluminous Cut

Start with a classic shortcut. It is a beautiful way to wear some older women hairstyles that will never look too dull or boring. With a little product and a hair dryer, you can create a fresh and flirty short hairstyle at any age.

#45: Gray Pixie Cut with Swooping Bangs

A pixie is a classic hairstyle and a timeless cut that always looks good. Adjust it to your facial features and your personality. Her long side-swept bangs bring out her funky frames and amazing cheekbones.

#46: Pixie for Women Over 50

Pixies are among the most popular short hairstyles for women, but they are best suited for women with slim faces because they show off high cheekbones. Cropped cuts are perfect for older women because they provide texture for fine, soft highlights.

#47: Short Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Curly and wavy hair styles offer movement and soften facial features, which is crucial for women concerned about fine lines or wrinkles. Staying away from rigid cuts and styles makes you look younger.

#48: Layered Honey Blonde Bob with a Short Back

Older women’s hairstyles are often full of layers, varying in lengths adding volume and reinforcing texture. Looking extra sweet in honey blonde, add grit with texturizing sprays and keep strands shiny using shine sprays.

#49: Silver and Sophisticated

Silver hair is eye-catching in super short styles because it looks cool and chic at the same time. To create depth, blend a dark shade of charcoal into the roots.

#50: 50+ Pixie with Lots of Layers of Pieces

A more traditional cut for women over 50 may be appropriate if you lean more towards the classic style. Don’t forget to show off all the layers of pieces by accenting them with highlights!

#51: Ruffled Pixie

The short edgy pixie with highlighted ends is effortless to style and looks fabulous on a day to day basis. Also, it is a great color pattern for gray hair on brunettes. You will look much younger, fresher and brighter.

#52: Volume and Shagginess

Raquel Welch is simply irresistible. Her voluminous and edgy shag screams with beautiful texture and a wonderful choice of hair tones. A good lift at the roots and layers of hair for fairly thick hair are exactly what is needed to achieve this fabulous effect.

#53: Beautiful Feathered Look

Fun texture and fabulous volume around the crown with tapered sides and back create this amazing short hairstyle with a cute feathered finish. She wears just the right amount of sass to give the impression of a modern and active lady, is that you?

#54: Burnt Orange Bob with Highlights

A bob cut is above time, elegant and classy. It is a good transition solution from long locks to shorter hairstyles that are, however, not extremely short. Pair it with thin bangs and consider illusionary highlights for a modern weirdness.

#55: Soft Auburn Look

Here is a chin-length layered haircut slicked back to open up the facial contours. Slicked back close to the roots and carefree bangs, caressing the forehead, bring this sweet look to perfection.

#56: Short Wispy Style for Fine Locks

Fine strands appear thicker when cut. With a blonde brown color solution like this and a subtle backcomb you will add more body to your short locks. Style them upside down for a gorgeous sleek look with a touch of sloppiness.

#57: Sassy Pixie

Sharon Stone shows one of the most inspiring examples of short hairstyles that are bold, stylish, and quite acceptable from the age of 50. This textured pixie is enhanced with a few sassy and nonchalant spikes on top. I would recommend this to women with oval faces and regular facial features.

#58: Short Two-Tone Haircut

Maybe you don’t want to hug your grays. There is no shame in that! Go with a two-toned pixie – a blonde top part and a brunette bottom part. Blend some darker lowlights through the crown to add dimension and pull the look together.

#59: Short and Simple for Women Over 50

When you retire, you want a hairstyle that requires minimal effort and doesn’t require frequent trips to the salon. Short layers will retain the shape of the cut as it grows out. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of prep work in the morning, just brush and go.

#60: Short Curly Hairstyle


Show off your curls with an undercut. If you go for a warm tone, use highlights to break up the color and accentuate the texture. Do you want to know how to style this look on your own? It’s as simple as wash and go. Mess up your curls with a little product to enhance the curl pattern.

#61: Spiky Gray Pixie Cut

Many short hairstyles for women over 50 can take considerable time to put together. A spiked pixie is an ideal way to keep hair very short and manageable with a minimum of styling. Just make sure you have a styling wax handy to separate and define the shorter layers. The sweep wax softens the look without adding too much maintenance.

#62: Classic Sloping Blonde Bob

Consider simple and classy short hairstyles for women over 50, like the slanted bob. Also sometimes called the slant, this haircut is as sleek as it is chic. The photos show that it tends to work best for women with naturally straight hair, as the angle is further enhanced when the strands are styled straight. However, the bob can also be wavy, curly, or textured for added versatility.

#63: Short Wavy Inverted Bob

Women’s bobs can come in all shapes and sizes, with the inverted bob being a popular hairstyle of choice for younger, middle-aged and older women. It is different from the classic bob based on the technique your barber uses to achieve this look. It’s all about stacking layers in the back and gradually lengthening the lines towards the front to create a unique, low-maintenance shape for those with naturally wavy locks.

#64: Voluminous Two-Tone Cut

Short layers around the crown of your head are the key to adding volume to your cut. This is especially helpful for ladies with a round face as the height will elongate the overall shape. Adding some bold contrasting colors on the sides visually balances the volume on top.

#65: Salt and Pepper Bulky Cut

The intertwined shades of black and silver give the wearer a very natural yet beautiful look. He complements this palette with a sleek short bob that features long feathered layers. Apply some Root Lifting Mousse to damp hair and blow dry upside down with a round brush to add volume and shine.

#66: Gray Hair with High Layers

When looking at hairstyles for older women, focus on the ones that don’t make the face look too severe. As we age, our features become sharper, especially in slim women. Layers of varying lengths that fall away from the face will help add movement and soften facial features. The iconic Jane Fonda is often seen in such elegant style.

#67: Chic Blonde Pixie Bob Over 50

The mom who has it all together does. That’s the best way to describe this. There’s nothing simple about this sleek cut, as she has just about everything – long, sweeping strands near the face, short pixie layers at the crown, and the back-to-earth stacked bob all potpourri!

#68: Short Bob with Feathered Layers

Feathering is another way to update women’s short haircuts. Take the stiffness out of a more structured cut by using razor-sharp cutting tools and choosing soft shades (like forgiving salt and pepper) that aren’t harsh around your face.

#69: Short Asymmetrical Bob

I guess it would be nice to freshen up your traditional bob. Try a trendy asymmetrical style. This option works great with fine, straight hair and can be used to draw attention to your beautiful jawline.

#70: Messy Salt and Pepper Pixie

Even Hollywood celebrities are often seen with a messy pixie. However, you don’t have to be a pop or movie star to pull off this edgy look. The relaxed color palette allows for a funkier finish without looking over the top.

#71: Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Often our hair will start to thin as we age. When we look at images of short haircuts for women over 50, we notice that layers are a recurring feature. The stacked lengths instantly add volume to the style. This is a boon for women with fine hair.

#72: Messy Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is one of the best short haircuts if you still want a little length to play with. The stacked layers in the back are easy to manage, and the elongated pieces in the front frame your face nicely. Style straight for a crisp finish, or wavy for a bedhead look.

#73: Platinum Pixie Cut

Mature women have the unique benefit of having platinum hair and still looking completely natural. Such an eye-catching color can stand on its own without variation in tone. Cool tones will highlight the work that goes into the cut itself.

#74: Pixie Bob with Babylon Blonde

Babylights are very subtle lights that add a sunny look to your coloring. Shown here, they lift the top layers so the style doesn’t look flat. It is a technique that can be used on all short hairstyles for older women and is especially useful if you have fine hair.

#75: Silver Bob with a Touch of Purple

A sideways flick that sweeps across the forehead works great for framing the face, especially on women with glasses. Such a slim fit turns out to be the perfect base for an unexpected pop of color. Fine streaks of purple are a gorgeous complement to a head of silver hair.

#76: Messy Pixie with Thick Highlights

A pixie with a messy finish is a great way for women with straight hair to achieve some movement. It is also low maintenance compared to other short styles. A quick blow-dry, some hair wax, and you’re good to go. Thick highlights will add drama and accentuate the different directions of the strands.

#77: Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

Shorter haircuts for older women with thick hair naturally have a lot of volume and texture. You have the option to shorten it even more without looking flat.

#78: Blonde Bob with Bangs

Pop culture is obsessed with taking things like “dad hats” and making them cool. Next: Mommy Bob. Short haircuts that have typically been styles of busy moms on the go are now desirable across different age groups. A nice mix of ash blonde and brown tones makes them trendy.

#79: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Meryl Streep redefined asymmetric rocking in The Devil Wears Prada. The short length was paired with an exaggerated bang that screamed chic and wasn’t off limits to the mainstream. There are a lot of great photos of this exact style floating around out there, so take a few to your stylist and have them custom made to be your own.

#80: Sassy and Stacked

Stacked hairstyles are beneficial for women over 50 for a couple of reasons. First, by layering several short layers on top of each other you can achieve a voluminous bump. Second, they provide a modern, youthful edge to basic haircuts.

#81: Straight Bob with Bangs

Modern women’s short haircuts never fail to offer the perfect style for ladies of all ages. Especially if you’re older, these styles should be on your radar. They are elegant, sophisticated and age-defying. Take this photo of Bob below, for example. The timelessness is what makes it a success.

#82: Stacked Bob with Bangs

The stacked bob provides a beautiful height to your hair. The bangs balance the tapered length in the back, while the caramel highlights add warmth to the brunette color. The chocolate shade exudes a youthful style that is simply irresistible.

#83: Dark Brown Cut That Works

The next time you go to the salon, be sure to ask for more texture. Why? It is not only “cool” but also wearable. It is daring and youthful without being scandalous. And, it’s trendy and interesting without requiring much maintenance – pros suggest tousling a pixie cut with your fingers after a shower for just the right texture and a little root lift.

#84: Pixie Bob with Soft Blonde Highlights

As the face ages, it is important to let the hair complement its changing complexion. Softening the silhouette and tone of a short hairstyle for a woman can be the solution to distract from the small effects of advancing age. Consider diffusing hard blocks of your short hairstyle in a solid color with layers of warm and delicate dimensional tones for a fresh new twist on the pixie.

#85: Purple Mist Update

Hair inevitably turns gray after a certain age, and it’s better to ride the silver wave than fight it. But, with that said, there’s no need to totally embrace gray and live with it forever. With natural gray hair, it is no longer necessary to bleach the strands to show the color. Therefore, you can try a light pastel shade and experiment with streaks of technical color.

#86: Perfect Blow-Out

We vote for no more boring short hairstyles for women. Boost your elegant blonde with a touch of an unexpected color. Reign with a purple double streak, or perk up her pixie cut with a touch of pink.

#87: Gray Pixie for Over 50

Here is a wash and blow-dry hairstyle that everyone will love. You don’t even need any styling products! Straight hair of a decent thickness and an oval or triangular face shape are the requirements to achieve this.

#88: Black Pixie with Red Bangs

Live the rock and roll! You don’t have to commit to a whole head of bright color, but just adding a few streaks of color to your bangs injects a dose of edge into your classic short hair style.

#89: Carol Brady Inspired Hairstyle

Here is a wonderful example of a short haircut for women inspired by TV icon Carol Brady. We all know about the fake mullet of hers. And although it may not look very elegant, it works well for older women. There are layers and volume on top that tapers down to pretty feathers, covering the nape of the neck.

#90: Sleek Gray Bob

Embrace gray with a subtle balance that adds dimension to your strands. The popular color will accentuate the high and low notes of your hair. Pair it with a sleek mane and you’ll be a bona fide silver fox.

Dear ladies, we know how important it is for you to find a hairstyle that is not only flattering but also current. Feel free to follow the examples above, check out older celebrity hairstyles, and avoid salons where they curl your hair into tight ringlets and spray it all the way down to the cortex. Your hair should look lively and not overly combed.

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